Summer 2015


Phoenix Fencing Club is hosting a Masters Summer Series Fencing League in Foil, Sabre and Epee through June, July & August 2015. Start date is Thursday, 11 June, 2015; end date is Thursday, 27 August, 2015. Tournaments will be run every other Thursday from 7-9pm. Dates listed and formats listed below, registration via Crossed Swords will be available at the same time.

Dates (all Thursdays):

Note:  as multiple weapons are being offered you may have to pick one to keep the evening moving.
Note:  Poules will be self refereed but monitored.

11 June – Lowest Hits Indicator Tournament – Foil & Epee | Practice night Sabre
Lowest hits Indicator – winner at end of poule is declared not by victories, but by Hits Indicator (scored-received=indicator).  Different way of thinking when approaching each opponent.
18 June – Epic Duel Evening – all 3 weapons.  One hit poules and DE’s.  Person who is up by 1 automatically wins.
25 June – Lowest Hits Indicator  Tournament – Sabre & Epee | Practice night Foil.
9 July – The “DE Game” in Poule format.  All 3 weapons (may only fence 1, no multiple weapon participants this evening).    Draw your score from the hat, opponent does same; referee draws time from hat.  Fence until time runs out or you score the winning touch. Victory is awarded to opponent with the highest score.
16 July – “Regular” Poule night – Epee, Foil & Sabre.
23 July – Lowest Hits indicator Tournament – Foil & Sabre | Practice night Epee.
30 July – NO FENCING.  See Masters Camp opportunity.
6 August – Two Person Team Tournament – you will be paired up with another Fencer, each of you will Fence a different weapon against your opponents in 7 point poule bouts; switch fencers at point 4.  We may have to share some equipment to ensure each person has an opponent to fence with the same weapon.
13 August – “Regular” Poule night – Epee, Foil & Sabre.
20 August – Practice Night – all three weapons.
27 August – DE with Repechage .  Original ranking will be a hat-pull.  Fence until the end going both ways.

Schedule of Events
Nightly Group Warm-Up 7-7:20 pm
Event begins:  7:20 pm

Who can Fence?
To participate you must hold a valid MFA Membership, a valid CFF Licence and you must be 25 years of age or older (born 1990 or earlier). Fencers over twenty and under twenty-five are welcome; must have a valid CFF licence, and pay the registration fee.



Week 3:
Overall Ranking: Mixed Masters Points 26.6.2015
Epee Ranking: Epee Masters Points 26.6.2015
Sabre Ranking: Sabre Masters Points 26.6.2015

Week 2:
Overall Ranking: Mixed Masters Points Overall (2015)
Epee Ranking: Mixed Masters Points Epee (2015)
Foil Ranking: Mixed Masters Points Foil (2015)
Sabre Ranking: Mixed Masters Points Sabre (2015)

Week 1:
Foil Ranking – Mixed Masters Points (2015)



In previous years ranking was done using a victory-by-amount formula.  For 2015 as the tournament formats change weekly points will be assigned for final placing in the weekly tournament as follows:

1st – 60pts
2nd – 50pts
3rd – 40pts
4th – 30pts
5th – 25pts
6th – 20pts
7th – 15pts
8th & lower – 10pts

Points will be accumulated in each weapon and in an overall ranking.  Participants are allowed to fence all three weapons except for the DE Game (9 July) & DE with Repechage (27 August), one weapon per person due to time constraints during those evenings.